FAQ - Products for Small animals


Fassisi ParCo

"Can the test be used on cats as well?"


"Yes, it can. Fassisi ParCo has been validated and registered for cats since 2011."


"If the faeces are very brittle, am I allowed to moisten the cotton swab with buffer to make it easier to collect the faecal material?"


"Yes, you are. Simply moisten the cotton swab with buffer before collecting the faecal material. This will improve adhesion of the faeces to the swab and enable you to insert it in the sample tube without difficulty."



Fassisi FeLFIV

Fassisi FeLFIV"I have accidentally put 2 drops of blood in the premixture. Am I now allowed to add twice the amount of buffer?"


"Yes, you are. It is important that the ratio remains the same."


"Does even a faint test line indicate a positive test result?"


"Yes, even a very faint test line indicates a positive test result. In order to make a faint test line more clearly visible, hold the test device at an angle and tilt the cassette slightly."