Rapid tests to detect diseases in livestock

Our whole product range regarding livestock and large animals includes rapid test systems as acute diagnostics, as screening products and to control the vaccination status. Our rapid test systems for livestock are specialized to detect common diseases in cattle and calves, piglets and pigs, lambs, horses and foals. Veterinarians can examine all livestock that show signs of a disease on site and can conduct quick analysis using rapid tests systems. Fassisi test strips to check the vaccination status are easily used as well, without any special lab-setup on site.


Rapid tests for cattle and calves

For cattle and calves, Fassisi at the moment offers three different rapid test systems to detect rota viruses and corona viruses, escherichia coli, cryptosporidium parvum for calf diarrhea (Fassisi BoDia) and the level of the bovine IgG (Fassisi Bovine IgG). Fassisi’s assortment also includes a pregnancy test, detecting PAG (Pregnancy associated glycoprotein) in a cow (Fassisi BoviPreg).


Rapid tests for piglets, calves, lambs and foals

Fassisi rapid tests cover a further variety of juvenile animal diseases. Typical diarrhea in juvenile livestock that is caused by rota viruses, clostridium perfringens or cryptosporidium parvum is detected by Fassisi PiDia test system. Fassisi PiDia Light registers rota viruses and clostridium perfringens in the feces of young livestock.


Rapid test systems for horses and foals

For horses and foals, Fassisi so far has developed two rapid test systems that examine serum, plasma and blood of horses regarding anti bodies against tetanus and subsequently check the vaccination status (Fassisi TetaCheck). With the test Fassisi Equine IgG the level of IgG in newborn foals is tested.


Advantages of Fassisi’s rapid tests for livestock

Fassisi is a synonym for reliably and easily applicable rapid tests on site. We put a lot of work, dedication and diligence into the development of our test systems. For that, we work with field tests to guarantee a lab-comparable diagnosis. Within minutes, the results are shown on our test systems and allow a quick response concerning optimal treatment measures.


For our research and the tests’ development we follow the high international standards of the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and rely on our network of scientific partners in order to clarify all possible questions and problems facing the development of new test systems. Due to this, we are able to offer rapid test systems of highest quality.


Fassisi test systems come in different packaging sizes and can be stored at room temperature up to 30 °C. Furthermore our tests include all necessary components to conduct a test hygienically and without coming into direct contact with the sample material. On the kits themselves, easily understandable short instructions regarding the correct conduct of the test are found. The tests themselves are usable without any additional analysis devices or special lab knowledge and are therefore ideal for on-site-diagnostics, even outside.


Reliability of our rapid tests

Fassisi’s innovative rapid test systems for livestock offer test in a lab-comparable quality owed to our continuous development of the lateral-flow-technique. In collaboration with and thanks to our wide network of experts we refine those immune-chromatic rapid tests for the veterinary use Antigens, antibodies, hormones and soon also aptamers are reliably detected with the different matrices of Fassisi’s rapid tests. Gold, latex and fluorescent nanoparticles function as detection particles and are integrated into our test strips.


International feedback from veterinarians, farmers and industrial partners from over 30 countries worldwide confirm our products’ quality and reliability.


How do Fassisi’s rapid test systems work?

Our rapid test systems are divided into four segments: a sample pad, a conjugate pad, a reaction matrix and an absorbent pad. The test and control lines are applied onto the reaction matrix to easily read the results.

The taken sample of the sick animal is dripped onto the sample pad from where it is led through the entire test system thanks to special materials and porous membranes. In case of a pathogen manifestation, specific reactions are triggered and color signals along the test and control lines are produced.


Further products from Fassisi, your specialist for rapid on-site diagnostics

Apart from rapid tests for livestock, Fassisi also offers various test systems for small animals (cats and dogs). No matter if you want to verify a possible infection with corona viruses, giardia, FeLV or FIV as well as a canine heartworm or the pathogens of leishmaniasis, Fassisi offers a variety of different rapid tests for small animals to get quick results and enable rapid treatment.