FAQ - Large livestock


Fassisi BoDia

„If the dams have received a vaccination against Rota and the calf was tested positive for the rotavirus – are rotaviruses effectively detected?"


„Our tests are detecting antigens. It is therefore unlikely that this has a direct influence on the test results.”


„The test device is frozen in my car, can I still use it?”


„Depends, the test devices are very stable, but they should not be frozen for a long time. Always make sure that the test and its components is returned to room temperature before using it.”


„I have given too much faecal material into the test tube - is it still possible to run the test?”


„You should be careful, since it is possible that too much faecal material interferes the running of the test. If the sample fluid is still liquid you can try and give the sample fluid into the sample well. If the run of the liquid stagnates, press with the pipette into the sample well and try to restore the flow. If this is impossible, open another buffer tube and some additional buffer into the sample well. Then you should order a new additional buffer tube with your next product order.”



Fassisi PiDia

„I cannot gather the diarrhea since it is too mucoid – is it possible to gather it with a cotton swab and then give it into the test tube?”


„You can take an cotton swab as additional tool and simply pick up faecal material. Thereafter give the swab into the sample tube and dissolve the faecal material by stirring it. This way you will get no mucus into the sample tube.”


„The positive test result appeared only after 25 minutes – can I still regard it as positive?“


„It is important that you do not start the clock until the control line is reached by the liquid. If there really is no test line after the maximum reading time of 20 minutes (also no faint test line), the result after 25 minutes is not valid. You should repeat the test. If you guess a faint test line during the 20 minutes which becomes stronger after 25 minutes, it is a positive signal. However, there must have been a very faint line before.”