Contract Development

Fassisi offers you a broad service for Contract development, Tailor-made tests and kits for customer specific parameters.


Your advantage

  • Fassisi has many years of experience with various species and sample materials
  • Tests with focus on robust field application and animal side application
  • Full In-house development and in-house production
  • Network of scientific partners to handle issues that are more complex
  • Experience with international regulatory affairs
  • Various projects already successfully brought to market

Possible parameters and matrices

  • Tests, e.g. for bacterial and virus infections diseases, antigen and antibody tests; vaccination titer determination, hormone testing
  • Labels, e.g. gold, latex, cellulose nanobeads
  • Matrices, e.g. blood, feces, nasal swabs, urine, dust, saliva


  • Antigens
  • Antibodies
  • Hormones
  • Aptamers
  • mRNA


Fassisi has comprehensive experience with different quality management systems, international regulatory affairs and furthermore offers differentiated marketing support.