For horses

Fassisi Equine IgG

Test for checking the equine IgG concentration in serum, plasma or whole blood* of newborn foals

  • Can be used directly in the stable
  • Rapid detection of partial or total failure to transmit passive immunity
  • Simple to perform
  • All components are included in the test kit
  • Storage at 2 - 30 °C
  • Equine lgG: sensitivity 95.00%, specificity 91.30%

Further information

The Fassisi Equine IgG Rapid Test is a reliable method to check the success of a passive transfer of equine IgGs from the dam to the foal*.

The concentration of equine lgGs from the mother's colostrum is crucial for the healthy development of the foal. A lgG concentration of over 800 mg/dl in the blood is necessary for adequate protection of the foal against infection. The rapid test can be used to check whether the concentration of equine IgGs in the foal's blood is sufficient. The lower the IgG concentration in the sample, the more intense and pronounced the test line **.

This means that the equine IgG concentration can be determined directly on site and, if necessary, immediate measures can be taken to provide the animal with sufficient immunological protection.

* The test can be performed with whole blood as well as serum/plasma/whole blood supernatant. When using the test, it is recommended to use serum/plasma/whole blood supernatant in order to achieve the highest possible sensitivity/specificity.

** the test line is strong; the IgG concentration is < 400 mg and is too low; the test line is weak; the IgG concentration is 400 - 800 mg and is not optimal; the test line is absent; the IgG concentration is >800 mg and is satisfactory.