Rapid test systems to diagnose small animal diseases

Our product range for small animals includes rapid test systems to acutely diagnose and screen for common diseases in cats and dogs. Thanks to these rapid tests, veterinarians can diagnose many different common diseases in small animals at the vet office or even on site, resulting in deciding on a therapeutic plan in a far shorter time. Since time is of the essence in many diseases, this improves the animal’s chance of recovery. Even verifying different vaccination levels of, for example, parvovirus or distemper is possible without any lab equipment thanks to Fassisi’s rapid test systems.


Rapid tests for cats and dogs

At the moment, there are six different Fassisi rapid tests, for dogs and cats equally, that detect parvo and corona viruses (Fassisi Parvo, Fassisi Corona and the double test Fassisi ParCo). The pathogen giardia duodenalis is verifiable using the test systems Fassisi GiarDia, Fassisi Giardia+CPE and Fassisi CryGiDia. The latter also registers cryptosporidium parvum in a dog’s or cat’s feces. Fassisi Triple is a combi test system that reliably detects the following three pathogens: Parvo and corona virus as well as giardia duodenalis.


Rapid tests for cats

Fassisi also developed and develops test systems specifically for cat diseases. These tests detect antigens and antibodies in blood, serum and plasma. At the moment, Fassisi offers rapid tests to proof a possible hyperthyroidism (Fassisi ThyroControl Cat), feline leukemia as well as feline immune deficiency virus (Fassisi FeLV and Fassisi FIV or the double test system Fassisi FeLFIV).


Rapid tests for dogs

For common house dog diseases, Fassisi offers different rapid test systems. Detectable diseases are canine distemper (Fassisi CanDis), canine heartworm (Fassisi CanDiro), leishmaniasis (Fassisi LeishMa), borrelia burgdorferi (Fassisi LymeBo) and ehrlichia canis (Fassisi EhrCanis). The combined test systems Fassisi CanVecto 3 and Fassisi CanVecto 4 inform about a possible infection with anaplasma phagocytophilum, ehrlichia canis and lyme borreliosis, respectively with dirofilarial immitis, anaplasma phagocytophilum, leishmania and ehrlichia canis. The vaccination status against parvoviruses and canine distemper are proven by Fassisi CantiCheck Plus

Advantages of Fassisi’s rapid test systems for small animals

Fassisi is a synonym for quickly and easily conducted rapid tests for small animals like cats and dogs. We invest a lot of know-how and work into the development of our tests. Within a very short time frame you will get the test results and are able to decide on and conduct the proper treatment measures.


During the development, our orientation are high international standards following GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice). Furthermore, a wide network of scientific experts of the corresponding topic is supporting us. Like this, even complex questions are professionally responded to. Thanks to the knowledge of experts, our products are seamlessly and thoroughly developed. All this has been leading to the validated quality of our veterinary diagnostic rapid test systems.


The robust test cartridges are available in different package sizes and can be stored at room temperatures up to 30 °C. All test systems include the required components to conduct the tests hygienically and without any contact to the sample material. On the packages itself, there are easily understandable short instructions in order to conduct the tests properly. The tests don’t require additional analysis devices or special laboratory knowledge. Because of that, the tests are fit for an on-site usage the patient.


Reliability of our rapid tests

Our innovative rapid tests for small animals offer laboratory-like test quality due to further development of the lateral-flow-technique especially for veterinary use. In collaboration with and thanks to a network of renowned partners we continuously refine those tests, also known as immune-chromatic rapid test, that are especially developed for the veterinary environment.


This way, antigens, antibodies, hormones and soon also aptamers are reliably detectable with the different matrices of Fassisi’s rapid tests. Gold, latex and fluorescent nanoparticles function as detection particles and are integrated into the test strips. International feedback from over 30 countries worldwide referring to our rapid tests for small animals confirm our products’ reliability.


How do Fassisi’s rapid test systems work?

Our test strips are divided into four segments: a sample pad, a conjugate pad, a reaction matrix and an absorbent pad. The test and control lines are applied to/included into the reaction matrix to easily read the results.The taken sample of the ill animal is dripped onto the sample pad from where it is led through the entire test strip thanks to special materials and porous membranes. In case of a pathogen manifestation, specific reactions are triggered. If the pathogen is detected, color signals along the test and control lines are produced.


Further products from Fassisi, your specialist for rapid on-site diagnostics

Apart from veterinary rapid diagnostic systems for small animals, Fassisi is permanently developing rapid tests for large animals like cattle and calves, pigs and piglets, lambs, horses and foals. Thanks to Fassisi rapid tests, a quick analysis of common diseases of livestock like rotaviruses, corona viruses, Escherichia coli and clostridium is possible. Hence, a rapid therapy is possible. Test strips to detect antigens for different stems of borrelia in ticks are also available.