Fassisi ParVo

The rapid test to detect parvovirus antigens in faeces of cats and dogs

  • Can be used directly at any place with results available in a few minutes
  • Economical screening of parvovirus (Type: CPV and FPV)
  • Easy handling
  • Storage at 2-30 degrees
  • Parvovirus: sensitivity 93,33%, specificity 99,99%


Test Instruction

Further information

The Fassisi Parvo is used for the reliable antigen detection of parvovirus in faeces of dogs and cats. The canine parvovirus corresponds to 99% of the DNA structure of the feline parvovirus, therefore the pathogens can be detected for both animal species (dog and cat) with one detection.


The disease is mainly spread through faeces. If an animal is infected with the parvovirus and is not treated, e.g. because the disease has not been detected, the mortality is increased. However, through timely treatment (e.g. infusions and enteral feeding), the animal's chances to survive can be increased up to 90%. An early diagnosis, e.g. with the Fassisi Parvo rapid test, is accordingly important to treat the diseased animal successfully.


It is also essential for the protection of other animals that a parvovirus is detected quickly. The parvovirus can survive for a long time without a host and withstands changing environmental influences. Once the parvovirus has spread undetected, it presents a high risk of infection for other animals. In addition it is very hard to fight the virus and to remove it lastingly.


The rapid detection of the pathogen offers the opportunity to counteract these problems at an early stage.


As an alternative, we also offer the Fassisi ParCo, which tests for coronaviruses in parallel to parvoviruses.