Fassisi Giardia + CPE

Detection of Giardia duodenalis and Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin (CPE): The diagnostic duo for more certainty in diarrhoea!

Possible causes
Diarrhoea; a frequently seen problem in the veterinary practice.
Giardia duodenalis is often the cause. If the intestinal flora gets out of balance, physiologically occurring bacteria or viruses in the intestine can multiply unchecked. These include clostridia, among others.
Their toxin formation can massively worsen the condition of the sick animal. In order to detect this secondary infection at an early stage and to be able to act quickly, Fassisi has developed the new GiarDia+CPE.

Diagnostic solution
With the new diagnostic duo you can test for Giardia cysts and Clostridium perfringens enterotoxins in parallel. After 10 minutes you know for sure whether one of the two pathogens has been detected. By using the Fassisi GiarDia+CPE hygienically and at an early stage, targeted measures can be taken directly to quickly alleviate the diarrhoea of the animal and the animal owner.

What to do?
Since Giardia can be transmitted not only from animal to animal, but also from animal to human, fast and consistent action is necessary.
In order to effectively and sustainably combat giardia, it is necessary to interrupt the multiplication cycle through targeted hygiene measures in addition to medicinal treatment.
If the number of intestinal bacteria also increases, this poses a further danger. Clostridia, for example, make the fight against Giardia much more difficult due to their toxin formation.
If CPE is detected in the animal, an attempt can be made to reduce the pathogen to a physiologically occurring level by changing the feed.

The targeted change of feed to combat C. perfringens generally has a very positive effect on the intestinal flora. This is strengthened and built up. As a result, many of the diarrhoea pathogens (including Giardia) are no longer able to multiply unchecked.