Origin of the name

Francis of Assisi
Source: www.weltchronik.de

Our company name "Fassisi" is a made-up word derived from “Francis of Assisi”, the founder of the Christian Franciscan Order, who is still regarded as the patron saint of animals and the environment.

Francis, whose real name was Giovanni Bernardo, was born in Assisi in 1182 as the son of a wealthy merchant family. He was taken prisoner in battle and became seriously ill while in captivity. By the time he returned to his family in 1203, he was a changed man and embarked on a mission to do good.
Francis of Assisi lived in forests and monasteries and took great delight in nature. He loved flowers, plants and above all animals.


As an itinerant preacher, Francis of Assisi travelled to Dalmatia, France and Spain. From the numerous monasteries founded there during his lifetime, he repeatedly appealed for respectful interaction between human beings, animals and nature.


Shortly before his death (1226), poor and nearly blind, he wrote one last eulogy, in which he called on all mankind to love and care for God’s creation and all its inhabitants, including plants and animals.


The ideas of Francis of Assisi are at the heart of our company philosophy. As specialists in the field of veterinary diagnostics and environmental analysis, we want to play our part in achieving a better quality of life for animals, nature and human beings in the interests of sustainability.