Fassisi ParCo

The rapidtest to detect parvovirus and coronavirus in faeces of cats and dogs

  • Can be used any time at any place
  • Direct antigen detection, results available within a few minutes
  • Parallel screening of coronavirus (CCV/FCoV) and parvovirus (CPV/FPV)
  • All items required are included in the testkit
  • Storage at 2-30 degrees
  • CPV/FPV: sensitivity 93,33%, specificity 99,99%
    CCV/FCoV: sensitivity 99,99%, specificity 97,50%


Test Instruction

Further information

Fassisi ParCo is an immunological rapid test that detects antigens of the canine and feline parvovirus (CPV and FPV) and the canine and feline coronavirus (CCV and FCoV).

The CPV matches the FPV in 99% of its DNA structure. The same agreement also applies to the two coronavirus species CCV and FCoV. For this reason, these two pathogens can be detected for both animal species with one detection.

The Fassisi ParCo rapid test can be used directly on site and shows very quickly whether the patient is suffering from a parvovirus or coronavirus infection. This is particularly important for an infection with the parvovirus, because diseased animals show an increased mortality rate. However, if the animal is treated quickly, the chance of survival can be increased to up to 90%.

In addition, it is not always possible to distinguish between a parvovirus and a coronavirus infection on the basis of the symptoms alone, because the symptoms are often very similar. Here the Fassisi ParCo assists in diagnostics too.