Fassisi BoDia

Detects four different antigens in faeces of cattle. Simultaneous identification of four infectious pathogens for the detection of single and mixed infections: Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E. Coli K99, Cryptosporidia

  • Easy on–site usage
  • results available within only a few minutes
  • Easy–to–handle and hygienic
  • All items required are included in the test kit
  • Stored at 2-30 °C
  • Rotavirus: Sensitivity 96,15%, Specificity 98,48%
    Coronavirus: Sensitivity 90,91%, Specificity 98,77%
    E. Coli K99: Sensitivity  90,00%, Specificity 98,78%
    Crypto: Sensitivity  97,92%, Specificity 97,73%


Test Instruction

Further information

The Fassisi BoDia is an immunochromatographic rapid test that checks faeces of calves simultaneously for four diarrhoea pathogens so that mixed infections in particular can be detected easily. Within a few minutes, the test provides an overview of the current pathogen situation in the stock. This enables the early detection of diseased animals and the initiation of an effective therapy.


The Fassisi Bodia rapid test is not only a reliable method to identify the pathogen of calf diarrhoea. Used as a prognostic and control tool, the test can also show the necessity of preventive vaccinations of the mother animals.