Fassisi CanDis

The rapid test to detect the canine distemper virus in dogs

  • Direct detection of antigens in eyes and nose smear
  • Easy on-site usage
  • All items required are included in the testkit
  • Storage at 2-30 degrees
  • CDV: sensitivity 94,87%, specificity 98,5%


Test Instruction

Further information

The Fassisi CanDis is an immunochromatographic rapid test that detects antigens of the canine distemper virus (Staupevirus) in eye and nose swabs (also partially in urine and faeces) of dogs.


The distemper virus is the pathogen of a worldwide common infection, the distemper, which is particularly widespread in animal shelters, puppies and stray dogs. The virus is excreted in the urine and by licking and sniffling of other animals on infected urine the virus transmittes to other animals. The resulting disease expresses itself, for example, in central nervous symptoms, hyperkeratosis of the ball of the foot and nasal mirrors and in symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract.


If an animal is infected, immediate measures should be taken to protect animals that stay in contact with the infected animals, because the distemper virus is highly contagious. In addition, the virus can survive for several days without a host and can hide in the whereabouts of the infected dog, e.g. in the dog basket. Once the virus has been identified, immediate hygiene measures should be taken to eliminate the virus.


With the Fassisi CanDis rapid test, the pathogen can be detected quickly and a therapy can be initiated as quickly as possible.