Diseases & symptoms


Here you find regularly updated further explanations of the pathogens and parameters detected by Fassisi products regarding swine and piglets.

Infections with Rotavirus

Products: Fassisi PiDia, Fassisi PiDia light

Rotaviruses belong to the non-enveloped RNA viruses, they are found ubiquitously. Almost every adult pig has suffered a rotavirus infection with corresponding antibody formation. They are among the most important pathogens in young animals, they are not very host specific and also are for a long time long infectious in the outside world and stables.



Infections with Cryptosporidium

Product: Fassisi PiDia

Cryptosporidium belong to the single-celled parasites, they show low host specificity and in some cases are highly infectious. Oocysts are the inactive, infectious permanent state of the parasite. These are excreted in the feces of infected animals and are very resistant to the outside world.



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