For Cattle

Fassisi BoviPreg

The bovine PAG (Pregnancy associated glycoprotein) pregnancy test with serum, plasma or whole blood

  • easy to perform directly on site
  • with results available within a few minutes
  • With the help of the Fassisi BoviPreg, PAG concentrations > 2.0 ng/ml can be reliably detected.
  • all necessary components are included in the test kit
  • Storage at 2-30 °C

Further information

The Fassisi BoviPreg pregnancy test detects the concentration of the pregnancy-specific protein PAG in maternal blood. The PAG concentration increases from day to day as the pregnancy progresses. The higher the PAG concentration in the animal's blood, the more reliable the pregnancy diagnosis.

According to the literature, from the 30th day after insemination, a PAG concentration > 2.0 ng/ml in serum can be assumed with 94% certainty to indicate pregnancy, so that the use of the Fassisi BoviPreg test enables early pregnancy diagnosis directly on the farm without the need for laboratory-based equipment. This shortens calving intervals and optimizes overall pregnancy management*.

The detected protein PAG is only produced in pregnant animals. If the BoviPreg pregnancy test shows a positive result, this can therefore be attributed with a high degree of certainty to mating.

* The test can be performed with whole blood as well as serum/plasma/whole blood supernatant. When using the test, it is recommended to use serum/plasma/whole blood supernatant in order to achieve the highest possible sensitivity/specificity.

** An increased PAG concentration in the cow's blood can be detected up to 60 days after delivery. Before testing a new pregnancy, it is recommended to wait 60 days to rule out a false positive result.