For horses

Fassisi TetaCheck

Used to reliably check the tetanus antibody titre in whole blood, plasma and serum of the horse

  • Test results available within a few minutes
  • Easy to perform
  • Can be used directly in the stable
  • Only one drop of blood is required
  • All necessary components are included in the test kit
  • Storage at 2-30 °C
  • Tetanus: sensitivity 95.83%, specificity 92.30%

Further information

Our Fassisi TetaCheck is a qualitative test for checking the tetanus antibody titre in horses. The detection limit of the test is 0.1 IU/ml (reference WHO standard) in serum/plasma or whole blood. A tetanus antibody concentration of < 0.1 IU/ml indicates insufficient vaccination protection. The intensity of the test line provides information about the antibody concentration in the tested sample.

At a concentration of > 1.0 IU/ml, the test line is highly visible and reliable vaccination protection is present. Between 0.1 IU/ml and 1.0 IU/ml, the test line is visible and sufficient vaccination protection is present. If no test line is visible, the concentration is < 0.1 IU/ml and a booster vaccination is recommended.

This means that the perfect time for a booster vaccination can be found and efficient vaccination management can be planned and carried out.

For foals in particular, it is important that a booster vaccination is only carried out when the antibody concentration is low, otherwise there may be a lifelong lack of vaccination protection. Too frequent revaccinations should also be avoided in adult animals, as this can also lead to inadequate vaccination protection and vaccination reactions. The titer controls can be used as rapid tests before emergency vaccinations, e.g. in hospitals, in the event of serious injuries directly on site, in the breeding sector and at sporting events.