Fassisi Corona

The rapid test to detect coronavirus in faeces of cats and dogs

  • Can be used at any place, results available within a few minutes
  • Economical screening test with an easy on-site usage
  • All items are included in the testkit
  • Storage at 2-30 degrees
  • CCV/FCoV: sensitivity 99,99%, specificity 97,50%


Test Instruction

Further information

The Fassisi Corona rapid test is designed to reliably detect antigens of the canine coronavirus and the feline coronavirus (CCV and FCoV) in the faeces of dogs and cats.

The CCV matches the FCoV up to 99% in the DNA structure. Thus, these pathogens can be detected for both animal species (dog and cat) with one test. The Fassisi Corona Rapid Test can be used to distinguish CCV from a parvovirus infection that causes similar symptoms (e.g. watery and malignant diarrhea).

The symptoms caused by FCoV are also hard to categorize. Thus, the disease can be unremarkable and, in the worst cases, even fatal. The highly infectious viral disease is particularly common in multi-cat housing. Especially with unclear symptoms the Fassisi Corona Test can be a very helpful tool to quickly identify the pathogen that causes the problem.