For Cattle

Fassisi Bovine IgG

The rapid test for checking the bovine lgG concentration in serum, plasma and whole blood* of calves

  •  Use directly on site, result within 10 minutes
  •  Simple test procedure
  •  Differentiation between different lgG concentrations of the tested sample
  •  all necessary components are included in the test kit
  •  Storage at room temperature
  •  Bovine lgG: sensitivity 97.7%, specificity 92.4%

Further information

The Fassisi Bovine lgG is a reliable method to check the success of a passive transfer of bovine lgGs from mother to calf.

The test distinguishes between the following concentrations, which provide information on the success of the transfer:

  • the lgG concentration in the sample is > 10 mg/ml; the lgG concentration is high, a successful transfer can be assumed
  • the lgG concentration in the sample is 5-10 mg/ml; the lgG concentration is moderate (PFPT=partial failure of passive transfer), it can be assumed that the transfer of passive immunity has partially failed
  • the lgG concentration in the sample is < 5 mg/ml; the lgG concentration is too low (FPT = failure of passive transfer), there is poor or inadequate transfer of passive immunity

This means that the bovine lgG concentration can be determined directly on site and, if necessary, immediate measures can be taken to provide the animal with sufficient immunological protection and protect it from possible infections.

* The test can be performed with whole blood as well as serum/plasma/whole blood supernatant. When using the test, it is recommended to use serum/plasma/whole blood supernatant in order to achieve the highest possible sensitivity/specificity. Note on test interpretation: The stronger the T-line, the lower the IgG concentration in the sample.