Fassisi FIV

The rapid test to detect fiv antibodies in blood of cats

  • Can be used directly at any place, with results available within a few minutes
  • Economical screening test for serum, plasma and wholeblood
  • Easy on-site usage
  • All items required are included in the testkit
  • Storage at 15-30 degrees
  • FIV: sensitivity 97,33%, specificity 98,57%


Test Instruction

Further information

The Fassisi FIV test is an immunochromatographic rapid test that detects antibodies against FIV (Feline's immunodeficiency virus) associated proteins in whole blood, serum and plasma of cats. A FIV infection, commonly known as cat AIDS, is a host-specific viral infection that affects the immune system. The FIV infection is similar to the HIV infection that infects humans, but the cat virus is not infectious for humans. Mostly uncastrated tom cats get infected by bites, that they get during fights with other males. Infected cats should be kept indoors to protect them from secondary infections and other pathogenic factors such as stress.


The Fassisi FIV rapid test makes it possible to test cats with symptoms attributable to FIV (e.g. susceptibility to disease, gingivitis, anaemia, an unkempt appearance...) quickly and inexpensively. The rapid test is also very suitable for routine examinations of free-running cats.


The positive predictive rating of the Fassisi FIV test is very high. This means that false positive results are very unlikely and it can be assumed with a high degree of certainty that a positive result is an infection by the feline leukaemia virus. In case of a positive result, a control of the test result by a FIV Western blot is recommended. In young cats under 6 months it is possible that a positive result is present although the animal is not infected. It can be maternal antibodies. In this case it should be tested again at a later time.


Also available - the Fassisi FeLFIV - the double test for FeLV antigens and FIV antibodys in only one test cassette.