Fassisi Triple

The rapid test to detect three different diarrhea pathogens in faeces of cats and dogs. Parallel screening and differentiation of corona virus, parvo virus and giardia duodenalis (giardia lamblia, giardia intestinalis)

  • Can be used directly at any place, with results available in a few minutes
  • All items needed are included in the testkit
  • Storage at 2-30 degrees
  • CPV/FPV: sensitifity 93,33%, specificity 99,99%
    CCV/FCoV: sensitifity 99,99%, specificity 97,50%
    Giardia: sensitifity 96,00%, specificity 97,22%


Test Instruction

Further information

The Fassisi Triple is an immunological rapid test that detects antigens of the canine and feline parvovirus (CPV and FPV), the canine and feline coronavirus (CCV and FCoV) and Giardia duodenalis in faecal samples of dogs and cats.

The canine parvovirus matches with the feline parvovirus in 99% of the DNA structure (genome). The same agreement applies to the two coronavirus species (CCV, FCoV). For this reason, these pathogens can be detected with one test for both animal species (dog and cat).


In addition, the test detects giardia, which are the trigger for one of the most common intestinal infections.

With the Fassisi Triple, you can quickly and cheaply test patients for three pathogens in parallel.


The tests in the Fassisi Triple are also available as single tests: Fassisi Parvo, Fassisi Corona and Fassisi GiarDia.